Day 3 – Teaching over—vacation starts in earnest

Friday August 8 (Muriel)

After a quiet day yesterday learning how to get my computer to talk to the internet from a hotel and exploring historic Monterey on foot while learning my way around here, I set off on foot for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Going the right way, it was a short easy walk past the historic district to the pedestrian / recreational path along the bay. Quickly I regretted that my binoculars were in the car but was grateful to be wearing a mid weight fleece jacket. After the Old Fisherman’s Wharf, a marina or two, a beach and park, and the hotel whose restaurant we had so much trouble getting to on Wednesday evening, was Cannery Row and finally the Aquarium.

On this August Friday the aquarium was crowded but I still had good views of the wonderful exhibits. Lunch in the restaurant came with a bay view and usable binoculars on the table. Brant’s Cormorants rested on the rocks, swam, and dove. One pair played king of the rock, bill wrestling each other off the rock and into the drink. They were accompanied by mainly snoozing harbor seals. From some of the deck areas of the aquarium I watched Pigeon Guillemots and Pelagic Cormorants flying and making watery landings.

By the time I walked back to our hotel, Allan was back in our room, just finished with the two day class he was teaching here. He got less formally dressed while I got a bit more dressed up. Then we walked to a wonderful dinner at Fresh Cream, a California-French restaurant and back to our hotel.


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  1. 1 AK August 14, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    Daffy’s campaign statement is genius. I daresay the Cat in the Hat could do better.

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