Day 5 – More Visiting Friends and Family

Sunday, August 10 (Allan)

Sunday was a day for visiting, catching up with family and friends with little time for nature or scenery. We slept in, almost to the point of missing the 10:30 deadline for the hotel’s complimentary breakfast which actually was more interesting than most with breakfast burritos. Then into the car, up the backbone of San Mateo County, through San Francisco and Golden Gate Park and the always exhilarating experience of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on a sparkling clear day.

In Mill Valley, we visited two of my cousins, Maria Alex and her son Philip. Maria, who was very close to my mother, is approaching 80 with truly remarkable grace and elegance. Her son Philip, a psychotherapist like his father, remains a gentle and thoughtful soul who always makes me feel somewhat calmed and restored just by talking to him. We had lunch at a delightful Italian restaurant in Mill Valley to which we walked from Maria’s home near downtown Mill Valley. En route we encountered a storefront sign that is so quintessentially Marin County that I had to photograph it as shown below along with another photo capturing two elegant ladies, Maria and Muriel on the street.

Store Window Sign in Mill Valley in (Where Else?) Marin County

Store Window Sign in Mill Valley in (Where Else?) Marin County

Two Elegant Ladies Walking in Mill Valley

Two Elegant Ladies Walking in Mill Valley

From dinner we went to our hotel and checked in and, after some confusion about phone numbers, I connected with my old partner and colleague Terry Margerum. He and his charming wife Christina picked us up and took us to a wonderful nearby restaurant, Buckeye. Terry has recently resigned from the company he joined when we merged my old firm with a San Francisco firm in a merger which failed after two years. Terry, understandably, stayed with the SF merger partner rather than run a small satellite office for our LA-based company.

As two guys working on our own with no further institutional encumbrances, we much enjoyed revisiting past friends and enemies with both a perspective and a candor that comes only when you are not that focused on the future. With Christina and Muriel we also talked about many other topics, ranging from politics to travel to food and so on.


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