Day 6 – The Actual Touring Begins

Monday, August 11 (Muriel with some help from Allan)

In some ways, Monday was really the first day of the vacation that focused on seeing nature in new places which we hope will be the main theme—or at least one of the main themes—our trip. The trip from Mill Valley to Fort Bragg was started late both because we slept in again—this is, after all, a vacation.

Once we were on the road, our first stop was at a shopping mall in Corte Madera for a battery for my cell phone (ordered to be shipped to our friends in Pt. Townsend) and decent coffee. The coffee was from a Starbucks in a Barnes and Noble. We were still in territory that looks a lot like Southern California mall land.

Then we were really on the road. After a stretch on US 101, we headed for Highway 1 and Bodega Bay. After a good seafood lunch overlooking the water we headed up coast on Highway 1. The scenery was spectacular, similar to the same highway through Big Sur. The marine layer began to send tendrils, then masses of white clouds toward us. Eventually we were surrounded by grayness. We stopped at an overlook where we followed a trail to get close to the bluffs over the picturesque rocky shore.

Mendocino Shoreline---Beautiful even in partial fog

Mendocino Shoreline---Beautiful even in partial fog

After a bit of searching we found the Harbor Lite motel where our private deck overlooked the Noyo River and a fishing area below. The town was full of Mendo establishments. That’s “Mendo” as in Mendocino. Dinner at Mendo’s Bistro in Ft. Bragg was wonderful. It was on the second story balcony of what had been the Union Lumber Company’s department store for almost 100 years. The food and wine were excellent, local, and, typical to Mendocino, organic.


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