Day 12 – A Lazy Day on the River with Some Special Memories

Sunday, August 17 (Allan)

Today was spent in Hood River Oregon on the Columbia River about 60 miles east of Portland in the center of the beautiful Columbia Gorge. The day was special in several ways. First of all, this was the first time since leaving Monterey on day 3 that we stayed in the same hotel for two nights rather than one. We looked forward to breaking the cycle of packing and moving every morning and to a day without much driving.

Finally, this was another kind of time travel for me and, to a lesser extent, for Muriel. In 1979, the year before I started my first real consulting company, I and a former colleague, James Regan, undertook an economic study of potential tourist expansion for the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District. This six-month study required much travel and during July of that year the Kotin family rented an apartment for a month in the thriving town of Stevenson, Washington, a metropolis of some 4,000, which is also the seat of Skamania County. This was a brief but magical time for our­ young big city kids who know got to wander unsupervised to see streams with frogs and small town Americana. Bringing home tadpoles from their explorations was a wonderful experience for them.

One of our professional recommendations in 1980 was to set up a sternwheeler cruise steamboat as a formal tourist activity. Our report said that this could not only provide a useful activity for tourists who traversed the gorge to stop and spend but would also help knit together the various communities in the Gorge.

Therefore it was with special pleasure and considerable nostalgia that we took an afternoon cruise on the sternwheeler “Columbia Gorge” – which had just celebrated its 25th anniversary — and later drove through Stevenson. Stevenson has grown only a little since our stay there. The boat ride provided that rarest of pleasures for real estate and economic consultants who always consult at the front end, pre development stage of their projects and only very occasionally get to see what happened as a result of their work.

A River View Looking over The Stern Wheel

A River View Looking over The Stern Wheel

A View of Gorge Looking Up River

A View of Gorge Looking Up River

One of Many Waterfalls Along the River

One of Many Waterfalls Along the River

Our dinner that night was at Stonehedge Garden (not Stonehenge as I originally heard it). When we arrived at this rather dim and old fashioned structure after ascending a dark dirt road for almost a mile, I thought that perhaps we had found a abandoned set of the Addams family TV series, but it turned out that, except for inadequate lighting and dark colored interior walls, this was pretty good restaurant.


2 Responses to “Day 12 – A Lazy Day on the River with Some Special Memories”

  1. 1 Mathew Tekulsky August 26, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Dear Kotins: I have fond memories of the Columbia River gorge myself. It’s a special place. Enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about it. Best wishes, Mathew

  2. 2 Paul Almond August 27, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    This looks an absolutely sensational tour!

    And a stunning way to share it> I’m so impressed.

    Could not find out how to email suggestions for going beyond Quebec City, which would be the most interesting part of your whole trip, for another say 4 days, and a visit chez Almond in SHigawake. If you ever read this, let me know how to email my file on the many ways ot get from Montreal to the Gaspe Coast.

    Good luck!

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